The Reason Behind tvN’s Monday to Tuesday Drama Low Rating?

Episode 6 of tvN’s Monday to Tuesday drama, ‘The Liar and His Lover’ which was aired on April 4 got 1,460% viewer rating which is considered as a low rating. On March 20, this drama scored 1,524% and from the first episode until the 6th episode, ‘The Liar and His Lover’ never surpasses 1% rating.

Image source: tvN

‘The Liar and His Lover’ replaced the previous drama, ‘Introverted Boss’ which also has 1% rating as a part of tvN’s Monday to Tuesday drama. ‘Introverted Boss’ is a drama directed by the PD of ‘Another Miss Oh’ which produced quite a success, thus ‘Introverted Boss’ was anticipated by the fans, for it was said that it would be the next ‘Another Miss Oh’.

However, in the first week of its airing, this drama only scored 3% rating and in the second and following weeks, the rating went down to 1% until the last episode. The overall rating of this drama was only 1,965%. Starting from ‘Introverted Boss’ to ‘The Liar and His Lover’, tvN’s Monday to Tuesday drama for 7 weeks only gained 1% rating.

Image source: tvN

Before ‘Another Miss Oh’, tvN released ‘I Need Romance’, ‘Le’s Eat’ and other dramas which make the channel is loved by the public through its romantic-comedy drama. However, after the success of ‘Another Miss Oh’ and ‘Drinking Solo’ which received a lot of positive comments, tvN has yet able to present a memorable romantic-comedy drama.

The public said tvN’s interesting point in their romantic-comedy dramas is the ‘sympathetic’ feeling that the audience can feel when watching the dramas, however, tvN hasn’t been able to present such feeling again. ‘Introverted Boss’ is an office drama, however, the characters displayed in the story are a bit off which makes the drama got a low rating, and even though ‘The Liar and His Lover’ shows an adorable love story, it is not strong enough to be aired at 11 PM KST. Will tvN be able to bring back its glory?

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