‘Fight for My Way’ Park Seo Joon And Kim Ji Won’s Energetic Script Reading

‘Fight for My Way’ released the news about their script reading which is filled with energy.

Park Seo Joon energetically read the script of his character and brought laughter to the room. Then, Kim Ji Won also read various dialog of her character, Choi Ae Ra, bravely. Moreover, the dialog “I will go as far as you go” which showed the loyalty between Kang Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra made the atmosphere even colorful.

Image source: KBS

The public is eager to see Ahn Jae Hong’s acting as Kim Joo Man with his calm voice and Baek Seol Hee’s joyful laughter as Song Ha Yoon, Kim Joo Man’s lover for 6 years.

‘Fight for My Way’ which is anticipated by the public will start airing in May, replacing ‘Perfect Wife’.

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