Prepare Your Candle, Gong Yoo Is Here In Indonesia!

tvN ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ has ended since last February, however, the fans are still showing their enthusiasm toward Gong Yoo who played as Goblin in the drama. On April 15 at 4 PM, Gong Yoo was spotted in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. This news, of course, shocked the fans because his arrival was not publicly informed.

The fans were trying to capture this moment through pictures and videos. In the pictures, Gong Yoo was seen wearing a blue sweater, short pants, hat, and a mask. He tried to avoid the fans who were very enthusiastic to be able to meet him. It seemed that he didn’t want to be disturbed and he wanted to keep his privacy.

Image source: Instagram

Several fans were also giving responses to Gong Yoo’s arrival, “OMG! Oppa comes here without any guard! Oppa what are you doing here??!!! OMG Gong Yoo Oppa is so handsome!” said one of the netizen.

Image source: Instagram

The reason behind Gong Yoo’s visit in Indonesia is still unknown. According to the fans who witnessed his arrival, Gong Yoo only came with a manager and without a tight protection. It can be concluded that he visited Indonesia not because of work. His agency also recently stated that Gong Yoo is on his holiday while considering several projects that he might take in the future. Does he come to Indonesia as a part of his vacation? It is still uncertain.

It is reported that Gong Yoo was on a transit at Soekarno-Hatta Airport to continue his journey to Lombok.