Go Jun Hee, Hyeri, Suzy: Long Hair or Short Hair?

The transformation of Korean actress hairstyle!

The photographs of the actresses vary according to their hairstyle: long or short. Here are the photos that summarize the hairstyles of Korean actresses.

Image source: 1st Look

Go Jun Hee

“Where’s the ‘long-haired’ woman?” This is the question asked. If we talk about Korean actresses with ‘short hair’ then Go Jun Hee is the first one to come to our mind. A few years ago she performed with her long hair, but she recently transformed with her short hair in several pictures. With her tiny face and long neckline, she resembles the women in the Victorian era. Moreover, this hairstyle has become a fashion trend among the people: ‘Short Hair Go Jun Hee’ and ‘Go Jun Hee Cut Her Hair’.

Image source: tvN

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Hyeri is the youngest member and the main vocalist of Girl’s Day. Ever since she appears with her short hair, she is chosen to be Girl’s Day face of the group. Not only that, she is also starring in a drama and hits a success through it. After appearing in tvN ‘Reply 1988’, her short hair is just like a syndrome.

Image source: THE FACE SHOP


For the sake of ‘While You’re Sleeping’ drama, Suzy cut her hair. This is the first time for her to have a short hair ever since she debuted. She looks younger and fresher with her short hair. However, Suzy has been known to be the ‘Goddess of Long Hair’, but we won’t be able to see her long hair until the end of the filming.