Gary’s First Instagram Update After Announcing Marriage

Rapper Gary finally updated his Instagram after surprising us with his marriage announcement few weeks ago.

On April 19, Gary uploaded a photo of him with the caption: “Jamsil’s underground shopping center B #PopeyeFood”. At the end of the caption, he added a hashtag #forthoseofyouwhoarecurious

Image source: Instagram

In the photo that he uploaded, the rapper was playing with his phone. There was a delicious looking tteokpokki in front of him. Gary seemed to be responding to fans’ questions who were asking about his life after marriage.

Previously, Gary shocked fans by announcing his marriage thorugh an Instagram post written with “I’ve made a promise to someone I love today. We’re not going to hold a wedding, but we’ve been united through a marriage ceremony. She’s a non-celebrity, but she’s the only woman who could make my soul trembles.”

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