Taking Care of Your Skin Just Like Park Bo Young and Suzy

Park Bo Young and Suzy not only having a refreshing skin which looks healthy and youthful, but they also represent an image of freshness which can make everyone’s heart goes thump-thump. Women are known to be really interested in taking care of their skin because if they have a healthy skin, they don’t have to put on too much makeup while still able to look clean and elegant.

Image Source : TORETA, The Face Shop

However, to achieve a clear skin and a smooth skin just like a baby’s is not an easy thing to do. We need to do further examination whether the skincare and intensive care that we use are in accordance with our skin type. Among the skincare treatments of the stars who have beautiful skin, drinking water is something that should not be forgotten. Water is a shortcut to having a beautiful skin, water can be used to moisturize the body and as a moisturizer for the skin.

Image source: SURE

Park Bo Young said that the secret to moisturize her skin is that she drinks water even before she feels thirsty. It is wise to use a water-based cream, and use a moisturizer on the unexposed skin to be absorbed more by the skin, and often drink water in a dry weather.

The best time for the skin to regenerate is at 10 pm to 2 am. At that time, it is great to sleep after using a product that serves to supplement the nutrients and replenish the already tired skin.

Image source: CARIN

But it is quite difficult for those who have a busy schedule, so they need an intensive care to get the maximum effect in a short time. When there is not enough time to take care of her skin, Suzy says that she uses a cream that can moisturize and whiten her skin.

If we want to achieve a good skin condition in the morning then using a sleeping pack is the best option. In addition, it is also good to treat the skin with face oil and mask pack to enhance the skin regeneration in a short time.