What Does Ji Hyo Think of Gary’s Sudden Marriage?

Actress Song Ji Hyo finally expressed her thoughts regarding Kang Gary’s sudden marriage.

Image source: SBS

On April 22, Song Ji Hyo and other members of ‘Running Man’ had a fan meeting in Malaysia.

During the event, members were asked about their opinion of Gary’s sudden mariage. Song Ji Hyo revealed that none of them knew about the marriage in advance. “All of us knew about the marriage from the press, so of course, it was a little bit disappointing,”

“However, congratulations oppa for your marriage! We hope you have a happy life. Your phone number has changed, so please give us a call.”

Image source: SBS

Meanwhile, Haha said, “I sent him a message, but he did not reply it. He’s a unique person, so we understand. He might call us after this. We love Gary,” The members then followed it by saying “7012 forever!”

On April 5, Gary, who officially quit from ‘Running Man’ October last year, suddenly announced his marriage to a non-celebrity through an Instagram post.

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