Gong Yoo’s Hotel Room in Taiwan Costs 20 Million Won?

Gong Yoo’s visit in Taiwan was met by a rousing responses from his fans.

On April 27, the star of ‘Goblin’ and ‘Train to Busan’ arrived in Taiwan, where he would be staying for 4 nights and 3 days.

Image source: SOOP Entertainment

Gong Yoo came to Taiwan for his fan meeting, which will be held on April 29 in Hsinchang Gymnasium.

The actor is reported to be staying in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of Taiwan’s finest hotels. The room that he occupies costs 600HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) or 20 million won a night. Other artists who also had stayed in the same room are Madonna, Hugh Jackman, and Song Joong Ki.

Image source: Discovery

However, Gong Yoo’s specific schedule was not published to public, including his arrival time at the hotel, for the actor had felt burdened by his fans’ extraordinary welcome at the airport even though no one had made a special occasion out of it.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo’s fan meeting ‘Gong Yoo Live Make A Wish in Taipei’ is going to be attended by about 5500 fans. The actor will immediately leave to Korea on April 30.

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