Kim Ji Won Talks about Her Character in ‘Fight for My Way’, Choi Ae Ra

Kim Ji Won transformed into a mall’s call center officer named Choi Ae Ra, who dreams to be a news anchor someday, in KBS’ upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fight for My Way’, which is going to have its premiere on May.

Image source: KBS

In hear teaser, Kim Ji Won’s character said: “Whatever people say, we will be walking in our own path.”

Kim Ji Won’s character, Choi Ae Ra, is someone who’s called a ‘mic-freak’ due to her obsession to work in front of a mic. Ae Ra is also someone who does not hesitate to show her feelings.

According to the actress, “Choi Ae Ra is a girl who never complains. She always does her best in everything that she does. She’s also an adorable girl, because even just a small, simple thing could make her really happy. Ae Ra always shows her feelings honestly.”

Image source: KBS

In Kim Ji Won’s opinion, she and Ae Ra have several similarities in terms of their personality. “I’ve portrayed a strong and cheerful character several times, but this time I will show the audience the ‘real’ me.” Kim Ji Won also added that Ae Ra’s frankness will make any audience laugh a lot. Despite being surrounded by people who makes her feel hopeless at times, Choi Ae Ra’s positiveness will continue to shine. “I hope the audience could watch it excitedly,”

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