Jun Hye Bin’s Confession in ‘Happy Together 3’

Actress Jun Hye Bin revealed her meeting with Lee Joon Ki carefully. On April 27, Jun Hye Bin appeared in KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’ as a guest. Jun Hye Bin and Lee Joon Ki admitted that they’ve been dating since the first half of 2016.

Image Source : KBS

“There was an accident after deciding the player. Actually, the reason why the entertainers do not announce the news of their relationship is because they don’t want to hurt anyone. I also think the same way when I was hiding my relationship. Not only us, the production team and the fans will get hurt”, she explained carefully.

Image Source : KBS

Jun Hye Bin talked about her and Lee Joon Ki, “For a long time, we’ve been close just like a brother and a sister. That’s why I thought becoming a couple is not a good thing. But I also don’t expect this turn of an event”.

She further explained about her relationship with Lee Joon Ki, “At first, I think he’s polite and caring toward others, but as the time goes by, I realized that he’s a nice person. I saw the possibility of this relationship and thought, ‘this person has a good reason’. And it seems to be the start of this relationship”.

Image Source : KBS

She continued, “then we started to talk through SNS and I wanted to ask, ‘why it becomes like this?’, everything started off naturally”. The MCs responded to her confession positively, “I hope you two will have a lasting relationship in the future”, and showed their support to their relationship.

The two who are supposed to receive blessings for their relationship then got various reactions instead because of Lee Joon Ki’s appearance in tvN’s ‘Candy in My Ear 2’. Thus, Jun Hye Bin made a confession very carefully that time.

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