‘Ruler’ Yoo Seung Ho Shows His Interest in Kim So Hyun

MBC’s Wed-Thu drama, ‘Ruler: Master of the Mask’ (11/5) showed Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) who seemed to be interested in Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun).

In this episode, Lee Sun talked to Han Ga Eun with a smile that never faded from his face. Then he talked about freedom with her which was symbolized with the chicken in the cage.

Image source: MBC

“Silly. Do you think the chicken likes being inside the cage just because it is safe there? No matter how hard and tiring it would be, it wouldn’t be free if it didn’t live outside”, said Han Ga Eun.

She added, “That’s what my Master told me. We cannot achieve the freedom if we don’t face the fear and the struggles. If I were a chicken, I think I would prefer to be free and soar high in the sky”.

Image source: MBC

Lee Sun who listened to Han Ga Eun’s answer then showed his interest in her, “You are a woman who talks about a real freedom. Are you betrothed to anyone?”

However, Han Ga Eun didn’t reply the question. “So you are betrothed?”, asked Lee Sun. “Why are you asking about it suddenly?”, Han Ga Eun replied shyly.

Lee Sun then replied back with a smile, “So are you betrothed or not? no? I will take it as a no”.

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