Gummy’s Photos for Recent Album ‘STROKE’

On June 1st, C-Jes Entertainment posted a photo of Gummy’s 5th regular album titled ‘STROKE’.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

Gummy has confirmed ‘I I YO’ as the title of her new album. The album tells the story of someone who wants to reach her dreams. This album is a British-Pop Ballad type with the addition of a vocal voice that can melt the heart of the listeners.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

In the music video, Kim Jae Joong appears and transforms into a boxer, where he has a desire to reach his dreams despite the difficulty.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

The teaser of the music video from Gummy’s 5th album ‘I I YO’ has been released on June 2 at 6 pm while the song will be released on June 5 at 6 pm on online music sites.

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