Seo Taiji to Take BTS, Urban Zakapa, and Younha in 25th Debut Anniversary Album Project

BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, Loopy & Nafla will sing Seo Taiji’s songs!

On June 2, Seo Taiji announced, “In order to celebrate 25 years of debut, Seo Taiji will take BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, Loopy & Nafla in the remake album project, ’25’.” In addition to the four musicians, it is said that other musicians will also join the project.

Seo Taiji deliberately invites BTS, Urban Zakapa, Younha, Loopy & Nafla because they have different musical colors. The listeners of Seo Taiji’s music will get curious over the remake of his songs.

The 25-year anniversary album project is planned in such a way by establishing a connection through music with the junior musicians. His songs will be reborn with new nuances. The remake of Seo Taiji’s songs is planned to be released one by one starting in July with BTS as the opening of this project.

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