‘Secret Forest’ Always Ends with Surprising Turn of Events

The 3rd episode of Secret Forest, which was aired on June 17th, ended with Hwang Si Mok finding out that the last person that Park Moo Sung met before he dies was Young Eun Soo.

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This presented a surprising turn of event, as Hwang Si Mok has previously speculated that his relationship with the prosecutor office might have some effect on Park Moo Sung’s death. Young Eun Soo, who was not someone who might have any kind of relationship to Park Moo Sung, and one of the many people who wanted to find the truth behind Park Moo Sung’s death, was now a suspect in the case.

Previously, Hwang Si Mok found out that Park Moo Sung had a fight with someone in the prosecutor office through a telephone call. Hwang Si Mok and Young Eun Soo went to the prosecutor office to make sure of it, but they were surprised to know that the office did not have any CCTV camera. Young Eun Soo, who pretended not to know anything, was actually the last one who called and met Park Moo Sung.

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At the end of episode 1, Kang Jin Seop (Yoon Kyung Ho) identified Hwang Ki Mok as the villain. At the end of the second episode, Hwang Si Mok made an opposite suggestion that he would help rebuild Lee Chang-Joon (Yoo Jae-moon). Both ends were unexpected.

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Then at the end of episode 3, another turn of event happened, which made ‘Secret Forest’ audience suspicious of every character now. It’s not certain if Young Eun Soo was really the last one to meet Park Moo Sung, as there are the cafe owner and also the part-time worker of the cafe. To Park Moo Sung’s mother, Hwang Si Mok asked, “Is it true that he left many debts?” ‘Secret Forest’ is getting more and more interesting day by day, as Hwang Si Mok has to find out the real culprit to get rid of people’s suspicion on him.

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