Kim Soo Hyun’s Deadly Visual in ‘W Korea’

Kim Soo Hyun radiates such a charismatic aura with his visual in ‘W Korea’, which would make everyone’s heart racing.

Image Source: W Korea

On June 17th, ‘W Korea’ released some photos of Kim Soo Hyun in their official Instagram. His chic appearance along with his intense gaze and masculine style were clearly depicted in the photos.

Image Source: W Korea

His aura, along with his small face and stunning eyes, were blazing under the bright sunlight, which makes his visual even more stunning.

Image Source: W Korea

Kim Soo Hyun’s new movie, ‘Real’, will soon hit theaters on June 28. In ‘Real’, a story that depicts the lives of two figures in Asia’s biggest casino, Kim Soo Hyun will appear as the main character, Jang Tae Young.

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