The Secret to Jun Ji Hyun, Han Ji Min, and Han Go Eun’s Beauty

Han Ji Min, Han Go Eun, and Jun Ji Hyun’s soft and flawless skin texture still exude beauty even after years of being in the industry. Healthy and beautiful skin needs quality care, but the most important is consistent effort.

What is the secret to their beautiful skin?

Jun Ji Hyun

Image Source : Laneige

After debuting as a magazine model on her first year of high school, Jun Ji Hyun entered the acting world. Soon after, her name is listed as the one of the many top artists in Korea. Although she has given birth, her skin and body still loke like 20 years old woman.

On November 2016, Jun Ji Hyun revealed her personal skin care routine in an entertainment program. Turn out her secret is to drink water from time to time to keep skin moist, apply sunscreen or sunscreen before going out, and control her mind to stay positive.

Of course it takes time to make those three things our habit, but if we want to have a skin like Jun Ji Hyun, those steps are worth to try. In addition, Jun Ji Hyun also revealed that she routinely does yoga to keep her body healthy.

Han Ji Min

Image Source : SURE

Actress Han Ji Min has always shown her beauty with natural and clean skin. She has a luxurious impression on her face.

In October 2016, Han Ji Min said that her way to keep her skin moisturized at all time is by spraying face mist and applying lotion even when she’s at home. When her face is swollen, banana vinegar is her secret to control edema.

Han Go Eun

Image Source : bnt

Actress Han Go Eun is an actress who is already in her 40s, but still has an extremely soft skin. She revealed the secret to her supple and soft skin on April 2016.

When her skin is dry, she soothes the skin with ampoule and regulates her water intake. She often mix her mist and ampoule with a ratio of 7: 3 and sprayed it during hot weather to keep her face moisturized.

Han Go Eun also suggested every girl to start applying eye cream in areas where it’s easy for wrinkles to form. Other than that, she said, let our skin rest every once in a while. Exercise is also important to keep the skin supple and tight.