To Support ‘Battleship Island’, Song Joong Ki’s Fan Union Donated 17 Million Won

Korean and international fans celebrated the release of Song Joong Ki ‘Battleship Island’. On the 13th, according to a fan federation, Song Joong Ki’s fans union have organized a donation over the past month and donated 17 million won.

This year’s donation, is joined by official fan club ‘Kiehl’s’ and ‘Song Joong Ki’s Gallery’, ‘App Actor’ and various Song Joong Ki communities.

Image Source: BAZAAR

The fan Federation: “Donated 17 million dollars to remind the message of the movie ‘Battleship Island’ is reminiscent of a painful history that should not be forgotten and to contribute to the ‘Citizen History Museum'”.

“This donation aims to help survivors who are victims of Japanese colonization and women who are forced to work, we want to remember all those participating in the film including actor Song Joong Ki”, added the fan federation.

The fan federation further said, “We hope this contribution can increase interest in the history of battleship island and to remember the painful history”.

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