The Tickets for Monsta X’s American Tour Are Sold Out!

The tickets for Monsta X’S American Tour in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, and LA are sold out. This proves their worldwide popularity.

On the 12th, Monsta X opened an American tour show in Chicago, on the 14th in New York, on the 16th in Atlanta, on the 19th in Dallas, on the 21st in San Francisco, and on the 23rd and the 24th in LA. In every show, all the tickets for the tour are sold out.

Image Source: Starship Entertainment

Through the tours in these 6 cities, Monsta X’s concert was attended by 20,000 local fans. The members are also feeling various emotions. Min Hyuk expressed his feelings about this American tour, “Before I debuted, having a stage like this feels like a dream”. Another member, Ki Hyun, added, “It’s a nice thing to know that many people love Monsta X and enjoy K-POP”.

Due to health problems, Hyung Won can only join on the show in LA on the 23rd, he also conveyed his feelings “I’m happy to participate in this show even though it’s a bit late, and I’ll try to follow the other tours as everyone has been waiting for”.

Meanwhile, on 17-18, Monsta X’s world tour began in Seoul. On the 8th they performed in Hong Kong and this time it’s the American tour. On the upcoming 30th, Monsta X will perform in Bangkok, Thailand. After that Monsta X will meet the fans in Paris-France, Berlin-Germany, Moscow-Russia, Jakarta-Indonesia, Taipei-Taiwan, and Mexico.

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