Go Kyung Po is Crying in These Previews for The Premiere Episode of ‘Strongest Deliveryman’

Today, KBS ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ will air its premiere episode.

‘Strongest Deliveryman’ depicts the life of a deliveryman, conveying a message of courage and hope that young people who do not have anything can still hope and make their life a success.

The production team of ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ expresses Go Kyung Pyo’s (Choi Kang Soo) extraordinary effort for this drama, for example, challenging himself to ride a motorcycle.

Image Source : KBS

In these previews, Go Kyung Po appears as a high school student in uniform. His ruly hair and unkempt uniform showed Go Kyung Po as an innocent high school student.

Image Source : KBS

In one of the previews, Go Kyung Po could be seen crying. What is the cause for his crying? Find out in the first episode of ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ tonight.

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