‘Manhole’ Released the Couple Poster of Kim Jae Joong and Uee

Passing through ‘Manhole’ time, a poster is released featuring the couple Kim Jae Joong and Uee.

KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘Manhole – Wonderland’s Pill’, to be aired on August 9, has featured the posters released on the 4th, and some posters containing the atmosphere of Kim Jae Joong and Uee in a very different atmosphere.

Image Source: KBS 2TV

On the posters that have been released, Kim Jae Joong and Uee appeared, ‘Essential (PilSoo) Couple (Byung Pil + Soo Jin)’ which enhanced their despair. Kim Jae Joong, who rides a bike and runs toward Uee who has fallen in love for 28 years and attracts attention. Kim Jae Joong, who crossed the line from the present days to the past, has returned to high school in uniform. ‘The moment where Byung Pil claps a hand with a girl’ where he walks into the place where Soo Jin is waiting, and suddenly gives a surprise with Kim Jae Joong’s bright face and Uee’s attractive expression. The ambivalent atmosphere poster connected to the present and the past adds to the expectation of this broadcast and the romance that two people will draw through the story.

‘Manhole’ is a comedic adventure that happened one day when Byung Pil fell into a hole and started a random time slip where he did not know where to go. The butterfly effect that the trivial action he does in his adventure will bring a reality in which he doesn’t really know anything. The chaos turns to reality, and Soo Jin whom he has been liking for 28 years must also feel the life of Byung Pil’s comedy adventure that will bring every time. The violations of Byung Pil who crossed the past and the present, and the acting that changed each character, will be added to the expectations of the audience.

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