Lee Jong Suk Plans A Short Fan Meeting For the Sake of His Fans

Actor Lee Jong Suk made a statement regarding his fan meeting.


On August 11, Lee Jong Sung made a statement through his personal Instagram, “I think there are a lot of fans looking forward to the fan meeting, so I’m planning on making a short fan meeting. Because YG is very proud of his team and has a high self-esteem and there was no communication between them, so there is a misunderstanding between the performance team and the content team. Sorry for the waiting. I will tell you as soon as possible”.

The fan meeting is a request from the fans and Lee Jong Suk apologizes for this delay due to internal factors of his agency. He also asked the fans to understand it. Thus, the fan meeting is likely to be held in the first half of next year. In particular, it is said that Lee Jong Suk will hold the fan meeting before applying for military service.

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