Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young Become The New Top Stars of Korean Drama

Park Bo Gum and Park Bo Young on the 7th, each won the drama actor and actress awards in the ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2017’. Their talent and popularity as Hallyu stars are recognized.

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung have won prestigious awards in the ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’. As an actor who continues to play hits drama, such as ‘Reply’ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’, he makes it to the top star list.

Image Source : tvN, KBS

Park Bo Gum is famous for his simple character. Some time ago Jun Mi Sun, who acted with Park Bo Gum in ‘Moonligh’ revealed on the SBS ‘Cultwo Show’, “Park Bo Gum had trouble sleeping because of his busy schedule, he still gave his signature and had trouble. Even though he is sleepy, he does whatever his senior requested. ”

That day, “I want to thank the staff and the actors. I feel like trying to be a better person because I work with a good team. I want to be a good actor. I will try to be better again. Lastly, I want to thank all the fans who love me even though our language is different” Park Bo Gum said.

Park Bo Young has led the drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ which become the highest rated drama in JTBC history. Park Bo Young who got 1st for Do Bong Soon casting has successfully captivated viewers with her cute looks and lovely image. Not only as an actress, she was recognized as a star. She was named a smart actress who could convince anyone in any situation.

Image Source : JTBC

Park Bo Young went to the stafe with an injured ankle, saying “I did not expect to get this award but I’m so grateful. Every time I do a work I am always worry about ‘why is my ability just like this?’ This time I feel more motivated “and” But it all cannot be separated from the viewers who witnessed ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. Thanks to writers, PDs, actors and staffs. “

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