‘Untouchable’ Starring Jin Goo, Jung Eun Ji, Kim Sung Kyun, and Go Joon Hee Will Air On November 24th

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama ‘Untouchable’ starring Jin Goo, Jung Eun Ji, Kim Sung Kyun, and Koh Joon Hee will air on November 24th replacing ‘The Package’.

‘Untouchable’ is an action drama that tells a story of the eldest son who became evil living with Jang Joon Seo who lost his wife. It is a story about the lives of two brothers and a family secret.

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Jin Goo acts as Jang Joon Seo, is a man who tries to find out the truth of his wife who died and is a family member of Jangs who face the ugliness of his family. After the death of his beloved wife, he knows all the falsehood of his wife, and is caught in a whirlwind of cruel destiny.

Kim Sung Kyun acts as Jang Ki Seo. He is the eldest son of Jang’s family contaminated by the darkness of his father. He is afraid of his father, but he is a three-dimensional figure who transforms into a brutal ruler like his father.

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On the other hand, Koh Joon Hee acts as Goo Ja Kyung, the daughter of the former president. She is the daughter-in-law of the ambitious Jang family and has a grudge and a quiet resentment behind her beautiful routine. She has the usual brains and strength to gain power, but is not considered by her father because she is a woman despite being a woman with deep and sharp feelings.

LastLy, Jung Eun Ji who plays as Seira. Seira is part of Jang’s family who has the power to become an extraordinary woman. In order to survive in the ruling group, she follows in the footsteps of Joon Seo to fulfill life at the same time and she gradually involves in the power relation within the family.