‘Men Who Sets the Table’ Is Set To Airing, Yoona – Seohyun – Sooyoung Adorn the Television Screen

The drama starring Sooyoung ‘Man Who Sets the Table’ has started airing, then Yoona, Seohyun, and Sooyoung appear in dramas side by side.

Sooyoung feels there is a burden related to at the same time with other SNSD members but she is confident. Previously, the two members were working well, so Soo Young kept paying attention to them and the story got interesting and felt a bit overwhelmed.

The drama ‘Man Who Set the Table’ tells a love story of Lee Il Hwa and Shim Hyung Tak whose age is much different. This drama has also became the talk.

“I also think I with Lee Il Hwa will look good, the real age difference, maybe Lee Il Hwa wants to explain?” said Shim Hyung Tak. Both asked the reporter to guess the age difference, and one of the reporters replied “you look the same age” to hear the answer, Shim Hyung Tak looked a bit disappointed and the the others laughed.