‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Battleship Island’ Song Joong Ki Will Stay As Action Actor Even After Marrying Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki, who will marry Song Hye Kyo, guesses that the next movie after the marriage is not directed at romance, but is directed at an action. It’s because of Song Joong Ki’s choice of work that he recently did.

Recently Song Joong Ki appeared in KBS 2TV drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Battleship Island’. In these two works, Song Joong Ki served as a soldier with excellent skills and as an intelligence agent in Kwangbok District.

Image Source : KBS 2TV

All are characters that demand action acting. In general, young actors tend to maintain mood as they succeed in certain characters and take on similar roles in succession. Song Joong Ki is also a newborn young actor, so there is a good chance he will retain his image as an action actor.

In particular, Song Joong Ki not only excelled in matching star performances in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Battleship Island’, but he also gained immense popularity. Suspicions to be able to take the action genre with the image of life managed to attract the eyes of young people.

Therefore, Song Joong Ki after getting married too will focus on acting with the action genre for his next work.

Image Source : CJ Entertainement

Of course, Song Joong Ki did not put aside the romance. However as an actor, he is convinced that he will not choose a reckless challenge to completely change the character in the process of creating a firm character.

As a fan, it seems like you can imagine Song Joong Ki, who performed more mature action acting after marriage. After marrying Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki’s performance is expected to show a more stable and more inclusive action acting.