Chun Jung Myung, Yoo Seung Ho, Joo Won, Im Siwan, Stars Who Became Assistant in Military

Im Siwan became an assistant in the recruitment training camp team. On July 11st, Im Siwan took basic military training at Yangju for 5 weeks, after which he will do his military service as a teaching assistant in division 25, Yeoncheon, Kyeonggi-do for 21 months. It is known that Im Siwan was appointed as a teaching assistant because of his high points in basic military training.

Image Source : Muine

In May, Joo Won also served military service as an assistant instructor in the infantry division. Joo Won was ranked first in basic military training due to his physical and mental strength in June.

Previously, there was also an actor who served as assistant professor in the military. He is Chun Jung Myung. Chun Jung Myung served as an assistant professor in the department of army recruitment of the 30th division in 2008 and was called the ‘demon assistant’ among his trainees because of his extraordinary charisma.

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Yoo Seung Ho also became another man who represent the Korean stars in military. In 2013, he joined the military at the age of 21 and became the subject of conversation, Yoo Seung Ho also became the assistant recruitment training for the 27th Division of the Army.

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Im Siwan is expected to follow the footsteps of his seniors and grow up as an honorable assistant as well as return with a more mature personality. Im Siwan is scheduled to leave the military in April 2019.