‘Happy Together 3’ Max Changmin: “I Want to Be Super Junior’s Member, Not TVXQ’s”

On October 5th, a special Chuseok episode of KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 3’ featured legends in the music industry,  Lee Seung Chul and TVXQ.

Image Source : KBS

In the episode, U-Know Yunho and Changmin TVXQ showcased their dramatic characters and they became the focus of attention for this episode. “Yunho is a hardworking and stern man. Among us, Yunho is the enthusiastic chaebol, he is also called the passionate Mansour”, said Max Changmin. Yunho’s excessive nature has caused laughter. “I do not like competition. It’s better to step back one step”, he denied and admitted his personality was not like that.

Image Source : KBS

Choi Kang Min revealed that he wants to be a member of Super Junior and makes everyone surprised. He expressed he is jealous of Super Junior’s lively atmosphere and enthusiasm while practicing. “I want to be a member of Super Junior even though I have to pay for it”, said Changmin. Although everyone laughed, Yunho put on a serious face and said, “I would be very angry. Why do you have to go to another group when it’s hard to build TVXQ?.” Changmin just nodded and laughed hearing his leader’s complaints.