Park Seo Joon Confirmed To Attend ‘Asia Artist Awards’

Actor Park Seo Joon will attend the 2nd ‘2017 Asia Artist Awards’.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and actor Lee Tae Im became the first Korean actors and singers to attend the ‘2017 Asia Artist Award’ and Park Seo Joon has confirmed his appearance to attract attention.

Park Seo Joon has earned a great success as the hottest actor of the year by mastering the screen with the drama ‘Fight for My Way’ and the big screen with the movie ‘Midnight Runners’. He has a warm visual and exceptional acting ability, referred to as ‘a guy who is good at distracting women’ and he receives a lot of love from women all over the world.


Image Source : ONE

Thanks to the support of the fans, Park Seo Joon recently hosted Asia Tour fanmeeting in Hong Kong, and will meet fans in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. The popular actor both in Korea and abroad makes the expectation of his presence attending ‘AAA’ increase.

‘AAA’ chose TOP 50 from September 20 to October 10th with the first vote by 100% fans on its official website. The second election will be conducted in TOP 10 voting among TOP 50 candidates as a vote of the vote (from 12th to 26th of October), and ultimately the final winner among the TOP 10 candidates will be selected from October 27 to November 13th. Last year, EXO, Baekhyun, and Yoona won an award.

In order for the AAA to be fair, winners will be selected based on big data from Korean global fans such as Asia, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and South America Argentina, North America including Mexico, and Europe. In addition, the event will be attended by 20 famous singers and 20 actors from Korea and Asia and will be a great festival with 7,000 spectators.

‘2017 Asia Artist Awards’ will be held on November 15th at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.