‘Witch’s Court’ Took Over 1st Position Rating from ‘Temperature of Love’

‘Witch’s Court’ rised to position 1 taking over the drama ‘Temperature of Love’.

On the 17th, according to Nielsen Korea’s ratings agency, episode 3 of  KBS2TV’s ‘Witch’s Court’ received 9.1% rating.

Image Source: KBS

This is 0.4% lower than the previous episode rating (9.5%), but includes the 1st position of all episodes at the same time. ‘Witch’s Court’ which received good reviews thanks to the development of Girl Crush weapons and characters, is rising, recording a 9% rating of previous episode 2 rating at 6.6%.

Image Source: MBC, SBS

MBC’s ’20th Century Boys and Girls’ received 3.2%, 3.5% rating, while SBS’ Temperature of Love’ got 6.8%, 7.9%.