‘Because This Is My First Life’ Episode 9, Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki’s Contact Names Changed Into ‘Wife and Husband’

The relationship between Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki in ‘Because This Is My First Life’ has developed. On the 6th, in Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’ episode 9, Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min) went home together. That day, Yoon Ji Ho found out that Yeon Bok Nam is a stalker. Nam Se Hee told her, “Looks like he is the perpetrator of the kidnapping station in Nam Kang. The cases and patterns are the same.”

“Thank you. Because you have picked me up”, Ji Ho said after hearing the story of Se Hee. “Are you so upset? When I talk like that. Say do not act like we are husband and wife in front of other or when I say do not use the word ‘us’, are you angry?”, asked Se Hee.

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Being honest and careful, Yoon Ji Ho replied, “Yes” while looking down. “I do not want to be a burden to Ji Ho. Is not our marriage happened because of the contract? You marry me to get a place to live, and I get a rental fee, but if the contract is over, you’ll be the one who will bear the most weight. You’re young and a woman, I think it would be better if I did not interfere”, Se Hee said with a look that always looked serious.

“You’ve been thinking about it all this time? What happens after marriage? And being a burden for me?”, Ji Ho asked Se Hee. Se Hee also answered the reason, “I promised. I promise your mother I will not make your life difficult. I want to protect you. In the future I want to protect you.”

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That night, Yoon Ji Ho called Nam Se Hee. She told him, “When I graduated and started being an assistant writer, I only paid 800,000 won. My father sent me home and ordered me to plant spinach only. Behind my house is a spinach garden, if I plant it for a week, the result will exceed my salary. I never thought to be a famous writer. I just feel good when writing scenarios. That’s why I started it.”

“I also never thought to succeed because of writing. So I do not think to work for 2 years. If I think about it until now, I cannot get married. I just need this room, I feel safe, and do not want to separate with the cat. And it seems like the homeowner can be trusted. I love being here. Therefore do not think about it. And do not lock your door”, said Ji Ho wholeheartedly.

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After hearing Ji Ho’s words, Nam Se Hee also said something, “There’s something I want to talk about too. Do not call me homeowner. If you are alone, others will misunderstand. Call me your husband in front of men. There could be dangerous things happen. Because for the past 2 years, you are mine and this house is also yours.”, Nam Se Hee’s words make Ji-Ho smile. The contact names in their each phone changed to husband and wife.