‘Four Men’ Park Hae Jin and Nana Are Shooting in Daegu and Busan in November

The drama ‘Four Men’ which will air in 2018 has made the decision to do the filming in Daegu.

According to the production company on (29/11), ‘Four Men’ has just chosen Daegu and Busan as the main filming location.

Image Source : Mountain Movement Ent

‘Four Men’ is a fantasy romance mystery drama that tells of a man who has become a goal to survive, another man who is looking for answers to people who are in love and a woman who is in the middle of all the stories.

A man who has lived an unusual life will have a love story with a new color and a mystery where something happens is gathered into a case with a man who looks just like himself.

The drama crew stated, “Daegu City was chosen because it is the best place to create the wonderful story of ‘Four Men’. We are very grateful to all those who have shown great  interest before this drama is aired,” he said.

Previously, the drama ‘Four Men’ has become a hot topic when releasing its cast who combine stars with great acting skills like Park Hae Jin, Nana, Kwak Si Yang, Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Ki Woo, Park Geun Hyung, Kim Chang Wan , and others.

Every time the news about the drama is announced, it will attract attention abroad. Baidu in China, portal sites like Sina.com and other headlines, including Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, show that this drama has become an anticipated drama even before the filming takes place. In China, news about ‘Four Men’ has been close to 60 million views.