Kim Tae Hee’s Eyes, Han Ga In’s Nose, and Song Hye Kyo’s Lips Are The Ideal Beauty

There are assumptions that Korean ideal beauty is Kim Tae Hee’s eyes, Han Ga In’s Nose, and Song Hye Kyo’s lips. Hugel, the bio pharmaceutical company announced the results of a survey of 290 people at a public and medical facility named professor Lee Seung Chul from the plastic surgery department of Ilsan Dongguk University Hospital on the 28th.

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The result states 35.9% of respondents answered that Kim Tae Hee’s eyes are ideal. 24.5% eyes Moon Chae Won and 24.1% Song Hye Kyo.

For the most beautiful nose fell to Han Ga In with 42.8%. 27.2% of respondents chose Kim Tae hee, 25.5% Moon Chae Won and 23.1% Jun Ji Hyun.

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In the first place for the most beautiful lips is Song Hye Kyo who gets 26.2%, then Jun Ji Hyun (20.7%) in second and Kim Tae Hee (19.3%) third. Kim Tae Hee (35.5%) and Moon Chae Won (31.0%) are selected as the most beautiful skins they want to have. Kim Hee Ae (17.9%) who has beautiful skin got the fifth place.

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The standard OF determining beauty according to medical and public opinion is different. 92.9% of the medical team believe that the eyes, the nose and lips are an important element while 95.9% of ordinary people consider skin conditions as important. The findings are published in the Archives of Plastic Surgery, Journal which can be accessed internationally in September.