‘This is My First Life’ The 5 Actors Show Their Friendship by Releasing Photos in Jeju

“First time friendship tour on Jeju island.”

The actors of the tvN drama ‘This is My First Life’ Lee Min Ki, Park Byung Eun, Kim Min Suk, Kim Ga Eun and Jung So Min went to Jeju island after the drama ended.

Image Source : SNS

Moreover, the drama crew ‘This is My First Life’ tells us that the actors are so passionate that the team work so well. Because this drama graduated with a high audience rating and good money atmosphere, the players decided to travel to Jeju island.

The five actors are posing funny against the scenic backdrop of Jeju island to show their pride with the team work that has been undertaken and they showcased it through social media.

Image Source : SNS

The drama ‘This is My First Life’ tells the story of Yoon Ji Ho’s act of romance, a homeless man looking for a house ranch and Nam Se Hee, a homeowner who has to pay his house bills every month. This drama has ended on November 28.