Taeyeon’s Winter Album ‘This Christmas’ will be Released on December 12th

Singer Taeyeon will be back to say hello through a warm ballad song in winter.

Taeyeon will release her winter album ‘This Christmas – Winter is Coming’ on December 12th. ‘This Chrismas’ will be the main song and there are 8 other songs in the album.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

The song ‘This Chrismas’ is a ballad song accompanied by a magnificent orchestra and a sweet voice of Taeyeon.

This song will incarnate unforgettable memories of Christmas.

Taeyeon will hold a concert titled ‘The Magic of Christmas Time’ at the Kyunghee University Seoul Peace Hall on December 22-24 for the release of her new album, in addition, the songs will be released to accompany Christmas.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

The song from Taeyeon’s latest album, ‘This Christmas – Winter is Coming’ will be released on December 12th at 6 pm. The album will be released on December 13th.

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