Seungri Shed Happy Tears When Yang Hyung Suk Threw A Birthday Party for Him

On December 12th, BIGBANG’s youngest member Seungri released a photo of his birthday party on his personal Instagram with Yang Hyun Suk, the boss of his agency.

Seungri wrote, “The boss told me to buy food and he prepared me a surprise birthday party. I cried because I did not know it. For the first time in 12 years, he made a birthday party. Thank you,” he said.

Image Source : Instagram

Even in the released photo, Seungri was seen shedding tears in front of his birthday cake. On the other hand, Yang Hyun Suk was seen in a warm atmosphere with Seungri by showing a smile on his camera.

Netizens commented, “Happy birthday and do not cry”.

Meanwhile, Aori F & B run by Seungri recently donated 100 million Won to the Child Welfare Foundation in Korea.