‘Jugglers’ Episode 4, Baek Jin Hee is Attracted to Choi Daniel

‘Jugglers’ Baek Jin Hee began to feel something to her boos Choi Daniel.

In the fourth episode of KBS ‘Jugglers’ aired on December 12th, Nam Chi Won (Choi Daniel) and Jwa Yoon Yi (Jin Hee’s Bek) stayed together in one house from morning till night.

Image Source : KBS

Chi Won stayed on the roof of Yoon Yi’s house. Chi Won had no choice but to go home to Yoon Yi’s house. Because Yoon Yi is the owner of the house, she made a request that she did not have to do anything.

Yoon Yi tried to look at one line at a time and “made sure to keep watch on him”. Chi Won asked Yoon Yi to wear less than 3cm shoes at the company, Chi Won told Yoon Yi not to ask him, but now Chi Won has more things to guard.

To avoid noise, Chi Won must walk with a support and wear sandals to make no noise. Chi Won told Yoon-yi at the office, “My house owner is too strict,” she told Chi Won to buy sandals and embarrassed him again.

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On that day, Jo Sang Moo an managing director told Yoon Yi to drink with Chi Won, “The man will give you a 10% discount for the deposit. There is a condition. Let me sit for an hour,” saying his goodbye.

Chi Won brought the drunk Yoon-yi home. Yon Yi was lying in bed, “Are you there?” asked about Choi Daniel’s everyday life. He also put pollen on his office desk.

Image Source : KBS

Meanwhile, Wang Jung Ae, a 37-year-old housewife, decided to give up her happy life and worked as YB Group’s secretary with the help of her brother-in-law.

Yoon Yi tried to find all the trash bags she has dumped and tried to gather all the information about Chi Won.