‘I’m Not A Robot’ Episode 5 and 6, Through Human Allergy, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s Love Grows

In ‘I’m Not A Robot’ Chae Soo Bin helped Yoo Seung Ho overcome the problem of human allergy. On the 13th, in the Wednesday-Thursday drama MBC ‘I’m Not A Robot’ episodes 5 and 6 illustrated about Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) who helped Kim Min Kyu’s (Yoo Seung Ho) human allergic reaction.

Image Source : MBC

That day, Kim Min Kyu who does not that Jo Ji Ah disguising as a robot Aji 3 (Chae Soo Bin) showed a video to tame the dog. Jo Ji Ah separated the man and his dog, suddenly Kim Min Kyu took a cat mask.

Kim Min Kyu tried to make a difference on his own appearance of a cat mask to prepare for the symptoms of his human allergic reaction. Kim Min Kyu said, “I want you to know what I look like. That way, I will give you beauty and love.”

Image Source : MBC

Kim Min Kyu’s first love, Ye Ri El (Hwang Seung Uhn) returned. She said, “My father told me to marry you. Marry your money. Let’s make a deal. You give me money and honor. My father promised to be your best friend forever.”

Image Source : MBC

“If I can be sure of kissing you, I want to get married” added Ye Ri El while holding Kim Min Kyu’s hand. Kim Min Kyu immediately reacted to his human allergy and escaped. Jo Ji Ah was shocked by Kim Min Kyu’s circumstances and gave the medicine he once gave. In the preview of the next episode, there us the scene of Kim Min Kyu who sees Jo Ji Ah as a robot and makes viewers curious.