Go Hyun Jung towards ‘Return’, SBS “We Apologize to viewers. We’re currently looking for replacement”

While the news about Go Hyun Jung leaving the cast of ‘Return’, SBS announced that they are currently discussing about looking for Go Hyun Jung’s replacement in ‘Return’.

Today (8th Febuary 2018) SBS announced that they are currently discussing for a way out of this problem and also apologize to the viewers because of one of their cast in drama ‘Return’ decided to left the production.

image source: SBS

Production team of ‘Return’ drama had done their best to avoid any further issue and tried to negociate with Go hyun Jung’s side but they found no way out nor any agreement so they had to made the decision at the end.

“The production team is currently trying their best to solve this issue, and not to mention looking the replacement of Choi Ja Hye” said one of the production team’s representative.

Finally, SBS showed their remorse by stating, “We once again would like to apologize to all viewers for this issue. We’ll work harder and better in the future so please do support us.”

image source: cosmopolitan

Meanwhile, ‘Return’ drama is currently facing issue because the conflict between the actress Go Hyun Jung and the PD Joo Dong Min that made the actress decided to leave the cast. Go Hyun Jung’s agency, IOK Company said, “We accepted SBS decision. After going through a lot of discussion and consideration, it’s impossible to continue the shooting”