Choi Ji Woo ‘Wedding’, bride of the beautiful spring… the back view of the groom

Choi Ji Woo has became the bride in march.

The Agency of Choi Ji Woo, YG Entertainment released a wedding pictures of Choi Ji Woo that had her wedding eremony on 29th of March.

image source: YG Entertainment

In the pictures, Choi Ji Woo was wearing her white bride gown that showed her elegant beauty. While wearing her wedding dress, she gained a ot of attention with her beauty. A smile of happiness are all over her wedding. The husband of Choi Ji Woo that made everyone curious because he is only an office worker showed his backview full of charms.

image source: YG Entertainment

Agency of Choi Ji Woo, YG Entertainment who just released a picture of Choi Ji Woo said, “we wanted to thank everyone for their support and their wishes on Choi Ji Woo’s wedding. Her wedding that been held on 29th of March has gone smoothly because of the wishes from both families that came today.”

Choi ji Woo on 29th of March announced her sudden wedding and said, “today I am getting married. I will live happily ever after. I will always remember all of your support and love that you’ve been giving to me and I will be the best actor for all of you”.

image source: YG Entertainment

Meanwhile, Choi Ji Woo who announced her sudden wedding not only surprised her fans in Korea but also her fans in Asia. Her fans in Japan who seems to be in love with Choi Ji Woo through her character in ‘Winter Sonata’ find it hard to believe on the news that has been reported through NHK and Asahi.

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