A Line-up stars in commercial industry… Who will be the main lead in 2018?

The Commercial industry world has become one of the main attraction in the entertainment industry. Commercial world is also a place where all the artist showed off yet raised their popularities at the same time. It is also a media where all the popular celebrities successfully doubled up their incomes.

Recently, the Commercial industry world has become very successes and the compromising result has make it like a monopoly in the commercial industry. Models for various brand such as ‘Kowai’, ‘iLoom’ and others are sucessfuly make benefit for both sides. According to the commercial industry expert, the prices of every model increased around a hundred million won up to one billion won after the drama ‘Goblin’ successfully hit the market.

The commercial industry has now become the highest interest in the entertainment industry where it is a perfect spot for every celebrity to increase their popularity. The cool look and dazzling appearances are the main attraction in the commercial industry world.

image source: Coca-cola, vprove,LLang

Park Bo Gum sucessfuly gained his popularity through his apperances in entertainment industry and also his work as a model from the total 32 brands last year.

Recently he joined the JTBC ‘Hyori’s Homestay 2’ where he works as a part-timer and turned him into the most loved commercial model. Park Bo Gum’s current income is approximately 500 million won from 10 brand including ‘Coca-cola’, ‘Kakao’, ‘nescafe crema’, ‘vprove’, ‘TNTG’ and last year he was in the first rank of CF’s model reputations.

image source: Jill Stuart, KB Kookmin Bank, Hong Sam Jeong

Jung Hae in is one of the most promising star in the entertainment industry. He has become an actor with a very unique charm and dazzling appearances. His lovely and pure image is also shakes the commercial industry.

Jung Hae In is a popular star that has been chosen to be the model of ‘Duty Free, Hong Sam Jeong’, ‘Jill Stewart’ and other and he also has become one of the model from the beauty brands through his wide gentle smile and his flawless skins.

image source: Hire, YoHi,Innisfree

Wanna One Kang Daniel successfully climbed up to the list of popular commercial model on February 2018. He became a model of various commercials. Despite the fact that he is a member of a group and not solo, the request of a various commercials for him as a solo still flowing to his companies.

Wanna one has become a model for over than 15 brands since their debut including the brand of clothes, cosmetics, beverages, chocolate and others. Between them, Kang Daniel has signed an exclusive contract as model with a few famous brand.

image source: the OOZOO, Max Beer, Chilsung

Park Seo Joon has become a popular actor after drama ‘Fight for my way’ and movie ‘Midnight Runners’ which he showed an amazing performance. He also showed his great personality and skill through tvN’s program ‘Youn’s Kitchen 2’. Recently Park Seo Joon who is known for his strong presence in entertainment industry has become a model of a few famous brands in Korea including shoes, sportswear and other.

Along with this, the commercial industry in 2018 has been dominated with fresh and dazzling faces. This mostly because a lot of celebrity that started to stepped ahead in the commercial industry and sucessfuly gained attention. The increasing amount of ‘Pretty Guy’ with dazzling visual on screen perhaps one of the main factor.