‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ Son Ye Jin ♥ Jung Hae In, choices between being independent or moving to America?

When Jung Hae In is going to United Stated, what will Son Ye Jin choose?

In 14th inning of JTBC’s drama ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ that aired last week showed a story of Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) that chosed to be an independent woman and Jun Hee (Jung Hae In) who will leave for United States.

Jin Ah said goodbye to Jun Hee who was locking the door. She was crying and suffered, Jun Hee too. Jin Ah who visited Jun Hee again that night said, “I made mistake, I won’t do it again” Jun Hee who was still angry that time decided to just hug Jin Ah and said, “stay with my forever”.

image source: JTBC

But then they will face another unexpected problem. Jun Hee said to Jin Ah to be indepent and leave the house. Jin Ah then said, “I already know how pain feels like” she said.

image source: JTBC

Jin Ah finally met her parents and told them that she wanted to be independent, firmly. “No matter what kind of life I live, it’s my business” she said as she left her house but little did she knew Jun He was just got himself kicked out of the house. Each of them is now looking for a place to stay while counting on their budget and then later Jun Hee offered her “Let’s live together”.

Later when Jun Hee asked Jin Ah that he will be working in America and that he asked her to come with him, Jin Ah seemed unsure and slightly rejected the offer.

image source: JTBC

Jun Hee chosed to go to America as his last resort against the mother and the sister of Jin Ah but Jin Ah is simply the opposite. She is currently having an internal conflict on decided her fate without trying to ask for a solution. Now the attention is on whether the two of them will go to America as their way against their family or not.

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