Gong Yoo “If I get an offer for Goblin 2? I have no reason not to do it”

Actor Gong Yoo has just celebrated his birthday in Taiwan.

Gong Yoo visited Taiwan for some event of a bran in 24th of June. In the event that was held in Taipei, the event organizer celebrated Gong Yoo’s birthday earlier. Gong Yoo’s real birthday is actually in 10th of July.

Gong Yoo were surprised by the birthday cake that the event organizer has prepared for him and said “You make 40 comes too fast. Thank you. Now I’m 40 years old” he said along with his sweet laugh.

image source: Discovery Expedition

When asked about what he’d’ like to wish for his birthday, he said “First I wish everyone in here is always happy and healthy. Because you’ve been waiting for such a long time, I wish you all can see something from me that can satisfy you” he said.

When the MC asked whether he is willing to return if Goblin 2 is in production, Gong Yoo said, “I think I have no other plan. But if that (Goblin 2 production) plan comes, will I get an offer in that drama?” and then later the MC told him that of course no one can replace him.

image source: tvN

Gong Yoo then said “I think I have no reason to not do it”

Gong Yoo is currently resting and considering his next works.