BLACKPINK, “Comeback after a year, Your love and support encourage us”

Cosmopolitan magazine has released the pictorial of BLACKPINK for their cover of August issue. This is the first attempt of the magazine to show off each of the charms of BLACKPINK members.

image source: Cosmopolitan

When asked about their feelings towards their comeback this time and how the successfully topped the music chart they answered, “one year ago we were so worried about this comeback concept because this time is stronger that what we’ve ever done but we’re happy to know that people are loving and supporting us. This also encourage us to try something new next time” said Jennie, the rapper of the band.

image source: Cosmopolitan

When asked about the daily routinely of BLACKPINK lately, Lisa answered, “Everyday I called my mother. She is happy to see me working hard and success” she said. Rose then answered, “I watch videos of my favorite artist in YouTube. Watching them makes me feel happy”. Ji Soo said “lately I’ve been feeling happy while reading books” and Jennie answered “I often spend my leisure time playing with my dogs in the dorm”.

The pictorial, interview also the cinematography video of BLACKPINK can bee seen through the August edition of Cosmopolitan magazine whether its through their official SNS or their website.