Choi Min Ho, “SHINee 10 Years Debut Anniversary, I want to give myself an applause”

Actor Choi Min Ho makes appearance in the men’s magazine Esquire Korean version for the August 2018 issue.

image source: Esquire

Choi Min Ho play the role of Kim Chul Jin, a soldier of a special military unit in the movie ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’ that is set to air in 25th of July. Choi Min Ho who did the the pictorial is indeed the actor Choi Min Ho who wants to show off his strong gaze and his charismatic spirit. Choi Min Ho was seen relaxed in the pictorial set and he became really focus as the pictorial was done, giving the staff perfect shots of him.

image source: Esquire

Even though his role is considered to be a minor role compare to the other main characters, he did his best to give his everything for the action scenes and he felt himself growing up as an actor. Through the movie ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade’ Choi Min Ho said that he felt like he learned a lot as an actor. “I’ve lost all the fears I had and now I’ve became more determine to learn everything for myself. I guess I started to grow as an actor now” he said.

image source: Esquire

SHINee recently has released their sixth album and celebrated their 10 years debut anniversary this year. Choi Min Ho who grew up from SHINee Minho to actor Choi Min Ho said that he still looking back to the past few years since his debut. “Time flew so fast. I did look back and realized that I’ve done a lot of things. I want to give myself an applause for spending 10 years working hard on my careers, those times were good times” he said.

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