‘All the Butlers’ Considerate guy Lee Seung Gi “Give BTOB and Staff expensive lunch box”

Another side of Lee Seung Gi has been revealed.

Through the recent episode of ‘All the Butlers’ that aired in 22nd of July in SBS, the story of considerate guy a singer and an actor Lee Seung Gi has been unveiled.

In the opening, Yook Sung Jae gained a lot of attention by saying that “Recently, Lee Seung Gi sent us BTOB and the staff lunch boxes, he is so considerate” he said.

image source: SBS

Lee Seung Gi who felt touched by it then said, “our youngest member is doing his comeback so I want to do something for him” he said with a smile all over his face.

Lee Seung Gi is indeed often shows a peculiar side of him as he said, “There are a few level of the lunch box so I asked them for the highest level” he said. Eventhough he said that it’s just an ordinary lunch boxes and nothing to be brag or fuss about, Sung Jae then said, “There is one box with words written ‘From Lee Seung Gi to Sung Jae’ but apparently the word ‘To Sung Jae’ is very small while the word ‘From Lee Seung Gi’ is very big I almost thought it’s a name of the restaurant” he said that makes the staff and the others laugh.

image source: SBS

Upon hearing this, Yang Se Hyun just laughed and said, “I really like the obvious side of Lee Seung Gi”