Asian music Awards ‘2018 MAMA’ will be hold in Japan, Korea dan Hong Kong in December 10th

CJ E&M has announced in 29th of August that the Asian music awards (MAMA) will be hold in three countries and those are Korean, Japan and Hong Kong starting from Decembr 10th to December 14th.

MAMA that was started in 1999 has marked down its 10th years anniversary this year and it will be hold in Korea in December 10th, in Saitama Super Arena in Japan in 12th of December, and Asian World Expo Arena in Hong Kong in 14th of December.

image source: Mnet

Last year this event was held in Vietnam, Japan and Hong Kong and according to the Mnet, this awards is intended to spread out the harmony and the Asian music market where all the artists will participate and perform in the amazing stage.