Lee Na Young is showing her perfect chemistry with Lee Jong Suk since their first meeting!

The new tvN drama ‘Romance Supplement’ which Lee Na Young and Lee Jong suk starred in has given off a perfect synergy since the first script reading.

image source: tvN

‘Romance Supplement’ is a drama that warmed the viewers heart as it tells a story of workers who works in the publishing company. PD Lee Jung Hyo from OCN ‘Life on Mars’ and tvN ‘Good Wife’ also the writer Jung Hyun Jung who has been working together with him in tvN drama ‘I Need Romance’ has created their own perfect harmony. Also the return of Lee Na Young to the main screen after her absence and Lee Jong Suk who will challenge the romantic comedy drama for the first time since his debut has captured the viewers attention.

Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk has proved their perfect chemistry since their very first meeting and they made the expectation on the quality of this drama worth. Lee Na Young also successfully showed her tough and full of spirit charm that made the viewers anticipated her character in the drama.

image source: tvN

The transformation of Lee Jong Suk in his first romantic comedy drama since his debut also gained a lot of attention. He will play the role of the genius writer and the youngest editor named Cha Eun Ho who will melt the viewers heart with his gentle smile and his warmth. The viewers are currently anticipating the chemistry, story and the romance between the two of them in this drama.