The Secrets to Having Beautiful and Healthy Skin in Your 30s

For those of you who loves Korean drama, you must be familiar with these actresses. They are Jun Ji Hyun, Shin Min Ah, and Yoo In Na. These three women are in their 30s, but their skin still look beautiful and healthy. Want to know their secrets to achieve such great skin? Check out today’s Beauty Cast!

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun admits that the secret of her beautiful and healthy skin is washing her face regularly, for it has a lot of advantages. One of them is getting rid of all dirt and dust in you face. Another advantage is preventing the risk of having wrinkles, so we will look younger. When washing her face, Jun Ji Hyun doesn’t only use a facial foam. Instead, she uses cleansing oil to remove makeup and water-based cleanser to wash her face.

Shin Min Ah

Apparently, washing our face regularly is still not enough! Shin Min Ah said that it’s important for her to take care of her body as well. She does this by doing pilates exercise. Doing some exercises can tighten our skin because when we exercise, our muscles will move and grow stronger. In addition, doing exercises can make our skin look cleaner and brighter because it smoothens our blood circulation.

Yoo In Na

Other than washing our face and doing some exercises, having a healthy diet is also important for our skin. Yoo In Na pays close attention to every kind of food that she eats. She rarely eats rice and snacks at night. Instead, she eats a lot of vegetables and fruits in her daily life. Her favorite vegetable is cabbage, the main ingredients for Korean kimchi. Furthermore, Yoo In Na also drinks a lot of water water everyday, because water is proven as the most effective thing that could make our skin softer and supple.

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