The Secret of Suzy’s Bright Skin and Ha Ji Won’s Firm Skin

Recently, there are various new beauty products. This wide variety of options sometimes makes us confused on how to use it. Now, we have prepared some beauty tips for those of you who are confused over various available and interesting products. By changing a bit of your lifestyle, we can obtain a healthy skin without using expensive products. Here are some secrets which are used by various famous stars.

Celebrities are often known to have a beautiful skin. Through the right treatment, we can also have a glowing healthy skin. Starting from Suzy’s bright skin to Ha Ji Won’s firm skin, here are several beauty tips that have been adapted by those celebrities to obtain their beautiful skin.


Image source: Swarovski

In a beauty show, Suzy said that to obtain a clear skin we have to start it from the inside and put our focus on moisturizing and whitening our skin. To take care of her skin, she adapted the 4-2-4 rules in cleansing her face. After she cleaned her face with cleansing oil for 4 minutes, she will use cleansing foam for 2 minutes to remove the makeup. Then, she will wash her face with warm water and clean it for 4 minutes to keep her skin moisturized.

Furthermore, the secret of her beauty is her ‘makeup diet’. Just put on two creams, whitening and moisturizing. Moreover, as an anti-aging, let the water sinks in before using a serum. Wearing too much makeup can bring skin problems such as premature aging. To do this ‘Makeup Diet’, cleansing and skin treatment are two important things to keep in mind. This will prevent the leftover dirt to stay in our skin and to protect our skin from getting an irritation from the products that we use.

Ha Ji Won

Image source: Star Illust

Actress Ha Ji Won who is now entering her forties has a skin just like women in their twenties. The secret of her skin treatment is rehydration which is not wiping the water on our face for 1 minutes 1 sec. To keep the firmness of her skin, Ha Ji Won cleans her face with cold water then puts on moisturizing cream on the area that has fine lines. Not only that, she also drinks lemon water twice a day. Lemon is said to have a high vitamin C and anti-oxidants which will help to prevent the skin from aging and keeping it firm and supple.