Nam Goong Min’s Four Brilliant Bromance: Starting From Joon Ho to Kim Won Hae

‘Chief Kim’ steals the attention with the casts powerful performance. Among them, there is a bromance which Nam Goong Min shows that has become quite a topic. Here are the actors involved in his brilliant bromance.

Image source: KBS

Nam Goong Min x Joon Ho “From Enemies to Friends”

Nam Goong Min and Joon Ho’s bromance cannot be separated from ‘Chief Kim’. Joon Ho plays as Seo Yool who is the financial director of TQ Group. Even though at first both of them are enemies, but to reveal the corruption in TQ Group, they work together and become friends. Every time they argued, the two always show a funny scene. This is the reason why the bromance among them in ‘Chief Kim’ becomes a hot topic.

Image source: KBS

Nam Goong Min x Kim Won Hae “The friendly housemates”

In ‘Chief Kim’, Kim Won Hae plays as Choo Nam Ho who is the head of the administration team in TQ Group. Kim Won Hae and Nam Goong Min show their closeness ever since they meet in the administration division until they become a housemate. Nam Goong Min always tells his worries and everything to Kim Won Hae and Kim Won Hae always gives him advice. Moreover, Kim Won Hae can pull off the lonely father image really well.

Image source: KBS

Nam Goong Min x Dong Ha “Everything he does makes me curious”

A lot of the ‘Chief Kim’ fans are supporting the bromance between Nam Goong Min and Dong Ha in this drama, Dong Ha complained that he cannot live in the administration division because he is a second generation rich kid. He cannot get along with Nam Goong Min. However, in the end, Dong Ha becomes the youngest in the administration team and together with Nam Goong Min, he reveals the corruption in TQ Group.

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